Dragon Symmetra

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Zbrush | Maya | Substance | Marmoset



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CG Modeling Reel

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Substance painter textures work in progress/Iray rendering and marmoset toolbag for real-time testing.

Kratos: Modeling ~

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Character Modeling: Maya, Zbrush, Keyshot: Moving on to substance painter and game ready versions next!~


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GoW Axe Model, Texture

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Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter

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ShowReel 2018

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Showreel 2018: CG Modeling, Zbrush, Maya, Stereo Comp, Roto, LookDev, Photogrammetry etc.. Music WestWorld Intro~

Fail Spin

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> CG House Modeling, Fence, Floating Island Zbrush cg2.JPGcg1.JPG

Unwelcome Mats

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-Modeling/LookDev;  Maya / Zbrush; Doors, Floor Mats, Couches, Various flying Objects


Your Thing

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Sneaker Modeling : Maya / Zbrush